Last entry / Dernière entrée

New Mailchimp home page to sign up for the Newsletter.

This site will be deleted on 01 July.

Nouvelle page d’accueil pour s’inscrire au Bulletin.

Ce site sera supprimé le 1er juillet.

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C’est déjà 2021 et six mois depuis mon retour de l’Afghanistan, et malheureusement nous n’avons pas pu célébrer notre 30e ensemble, en personne ni de façon virtuelle. Certains auront vu dans le groupe sur Facebook que je quitte leur influence pour protéger un peu mieux mes renseignments personnels. Afin de mieux garder contact avec tous les Camarades, j’ai analysé différentes options et pour vous donner un certain contrôle sur votre boîte de réception, j’ai décidé d’aller de l’avant avec un compte MailChimp pour que les gens puissent s’inscrire (ou pas) sans avoir à les poursuivre pour une réponse. En espérant vous retrouver sur la liste! Le but est de partager quelques informations pertinentes au groupe de façon trimestrielle, et qui pourra inclure des données plus discrètes et des sondages.

Another six months have gone by quickly and it’s already 2021! Unfortunately we didn’t get to have our 30th together or virtually. Some of you will know from the Facebook group that I am escaping their grasp in order to better protect my privacy. I considered a variety of alternatives for keeping in touch and decided to go ahead with a MailChimp account so that you can decide for yourselves to sign up (or not) without me having to chase people for responses. I hope to see you on the list! The aim will be to send out some Class News every three months, which will be able to include more sensitive data and some surveys.

Meilleurs voeux à tous pour une bonne année 2021! Live long and prosper (and stay safe).

PS I’ve also created a new email address for Webmaster activities
NB J’ai une nouvelle adresse courriel pour les activités de webmestre

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Chers camarades! Hello Classmates! Je suis de retour au Canada et mon prochain poste sera au Campus Carling à Ottawa. J’espère retrouver Kirby McBurney bientôt. It has been 30 years already! How time flies… We’ll figure out a way to celebrate in spite of COVID19. Restez à l’écoute:)

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RRMC Request for Information

This is a call to all Roadents, seeking any information that may help me in gathering some details about the Recruit Obstacle Course that was run at RRMC. I hope to find, or create, a definitive map of the specific route(s) used that shows not only the path taken but the location and type of every obstacle. Realizing that there was some variations year-to-year, but the overall scheme of manoeuvre likely ran in a repeatedly similar manner throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. For several months, I have corresponded with and spoken to many ex-cadets, former staff and current staff of Royal Roads University but so far have received only broad generalities about the obstacle course. Their recollections are not so consistent. RRU Archivist has dug deep into their files but has turned up nothing. I’m hoping that somebody might have kept a sketch or a map or perhaps the OPI memo to the Commandant or memo to the Staff Officer Careers & Military Training.

In the short term, my intent is to conduct a walk-through – a saunter without any mud – with our Class during the RRU Homecoming Weekend this coming September. Great opportunity to stroll the beautiful grounds, with spouses in tow, and relive some wonderful old memories about the water, mud, culverts, swamps, peacocks and of course the Hudson Flight slug pit. My long term goal though is to provide RRU and the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club some details with which they might conduct such a walk-through annually during their Homecoming Weekends, and for any visiting Ex-Cadet at any time. 

I would love to have contact with anybody who served as the Cadet OPI during their Second Year at RRMC. 

In case you’re wondering why I don’t recall all the details myself – well, as you know, when you’re busy participating, full of mud you just follow the Buds ahead of you, follow instructions of the course guides and maybe don’t register what the route was. Forty years later, I have forgotten. I’m hoping that somebody kept records.


13811 Ross Wuerth
Barrie, Ontario
Secretary, RMC-CMR-RRMC Class of 1982
(Royal Roads 1978-1980)

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Long time no post…/Ça fait un bout!

Hello Classmates, sorry for the long delay in posting anything here. I was pretty busy as COS 1CAD, and then had to do training to become a Defence Attaché, conduct another hasty move, this time from Winnipeg to Barrhaven (with the addition of Rebel the dog), have some fun doing the Basic Evasive Driving Course and head back to the air smog of Kabul…

Now that it’s 2020 already, the countdown to our 30th!!! Reunion is really underway. Looking forward to being back in Canada by then, and seeing everyone who can make it down to Kingston for the big do.

Cheers, from Kevin in Kabul

Salut chers compagnons de classe, désolé pour le manque de nouvelles sur ce site. J’étais pas mal occupé comme CÉM de la 1ère DAC, qui a enchaîné avec l’entraînement pour devenir Attaché de défense. Un autre déménagement dans la foulée, cette fois-ci avec l’ajout de Rebel, notre chien avant de m’amuser sur le cours élementaire de conduite évasive avant de retourner à la pollution de Kaboul…

Nous sommes déjà à la veille de notre 30e!!! réunion à Kingston, et le décompte est bien entamé. J’ai bien hâte d’être de retour au Canada et de revoir tous ceux qui pourront être au rendez-vous à Kingston pour la fête qui s’annonce.

Au plaisir, Kevin à Kaboul

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e-Veritas Fund Raising Campaign

Dear Members of the Class of 1990: 

I’m contacting you in my current capacity as Interim Executive Director of the RMC Club; Fund Raising Director and Editor of e-Veritas

The articles in e-Veritas always attempt to present anything to do with the military colleges in a positive sense.

A review of our current Club FY financial numbers indicates strongly that we will be finishing in the red. Unless we step up our fund raising.

In this regard, we are reaching out to various Classes such as yours for financial support.

e-Veritas is one of the engines within the RMC Club to help defray operating and maintenance costs. We are currently working on a budget model to better stabilize our financial management.

Please donate – We are careful stewards of the finances with which we are entrusted. The Club employees earn much less than they would in similar not-for-profit enterprises and do so because we believe in the purpose of the Club.

We hope members of the Class of 1990 who are in a position to do so are feeling charitable and find e-Veritas worthy of your financial support.

 In short, please excuse our bold attempt to raise funds, however, limited time and available help prevents us from doing it smoother – some would say slicker.

Thank you to members of the Class of 1990 and any support you may be able to provide to our e-Veritas fund raising campaign.

Best regards from Bill & Rolande Oliver.

 Note: Our website at the present time cannot complete financial transactions Online. Sorry for any inconvenience.


(If possible copy & paste the note below and return to


Dear Bill, please ensure the Website, Veritas magazine, and e-Veritas continues the work of keeping alumni and friends of the colleges connected.




_____Other   Any amount will be greatly appreciated

I am donating via Cheque____   Credit Card______ Phone ______


College #,  ___________

Card___________________________ Expiry Date_________


Type of Card ______Visa_______Master Card ________Other?


or postal mail –

Make cheque payable to RMC Club – for e-Veritas

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Kingston Branch survey

From the mobile desk of Helga Grodzinski

I  am the membership convenor for the Kingston Branch, and I am writing to request your help, by sending out the message below to your classmates by whatever means you communicate with them—email, website or social media platform. Thank you for your help.
15566 Helga Grodzinski (née Rausch)

The RMC Club of Canada Kingston Branch is seeking to increase active participation by alumni from its catchment area, that is Brockville-Kingston-Trenton.
Please complete the three-minute survey at the link to give us your opinions and ideas


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Hasty move / Déménagement dans la foulée

I am now in Winnipeg after a promotion and posting to 1CAD as COS. Whirlwind summer after the late notice to get out of Texas during Hurricane Harvey and into Winnipeg for the start of the school year. One step closer to Kingston in advance of the 30th;)

Je suis maintenant à Winnipeg à la 1re DAC comme CEM suite à une promotion et mutation. L’été fut chambardé avec l’avis tardif et le besoin de s’installer pour la rentrée scolaire, tout en esquivant l’ouragan Harvey. Un petit peu plus proche de Kingston en préparation pour la 30e réunion;)

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New Strava Club / Nouveau club Strava /// Mens sana in corpore sano

I have started seeing more of us on Strava so I thought I’d try and get some more of us connected there. // Je vois de plus en plus de Camarades sur Strava alors j’ai créé un groupe pour essayer de rejoindre encore plus de gens.

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End of 2016 Message from the Foundation

As 2016 comes to a close, I wish to take this opportunity to extend on behalf the RMC Foundation Staff and Board of Directors our sincere appreciation to all of our Donors.  Your generosity in support of the Gentlemen and Lady Cadets at both RMC Kingston and RMC Saint-Jean has allowed them extraordinary opportunities in their pursuit of Enhanced Excellence. Throughout the year, the Foundation advises and challenges the cadets and the academic and military staffs at both Colleges to submit requests for funds in support of the four components (Leadership, Academic, Athletic, Bilingualism) plus Heritage.  The Battlefield Tour, London/Paris trip, Teaching Excellence Awards, Sandhurst Competition, Stratford Theatre, Mount Washington and the USNA Sailing Regatta are but a few examples of support by your donations, without which they would not have occurred.  Having graduated in the ‘60s, I am in awe of the opportunities that our cadets now have that we did not.

Year-to-date, your donations for the Truth, Duty, Valour Fund, Special Projects (Commemorative Stones, Legacy Dinner, Ottawa and Toronto Golf Tournaments), Restricted and Endowed Funds have totalled $1.6 M. Of that amount, the TDV Campaign has raised $170,000 since September with our year-end goal clearly in sight.
And because of your generosity, the Foundation has provided direct support to both Colleges in the amount of $675,000 involving the four components plus heritage.  Specific information, including cadet post-activity reports and testimonials, is available on the website as well as our social media accounts (Facebook @RMCFoundation1966 and Twitter @rmc_foundation), and I recommend our donors visit these sites on a regular basis.

As we rapidly approach 2017, I encourage all of our classes, friends and individuals to consider donating in support of the TDV Campaign.  These donations will directly support the broad range of activities where funds are not available from our other sources.

In closing, a huge “thank you” to you our donors and friends. Please accept our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and a healthy New Year.


6475 Michael J. Houghton – President, RMC Foundation

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